Want to Get Rid of Bad Thoughts? Dump them in the Bin!

Garbage BinDavid Yerle just read an article that may change his life. Well, just a little.

Apparently, a group of psychologists in a university he forgot just found out writing your thoughts on a piece of paper and then tearing it apart and throwing it in the bin actually helps eliminate those thoughts in your brain.

If true, it’s quite a remarkable discovery. It makes sense, in a way. Our brain works like a neural network, so that ideas are built as complex nets of every instance of it in our lives. The tearing and dumping may serve to strengthen the link between the thought and the idea of it being discarded, thus weakening it considerably.

The applications could be many and varied. The first thing that comes to mind is writing the name of the ex-partner who dumped you in order to finally let go. Other uses could be to get over disappointments or failures, such as an exam or a project that didn’t come through. Letting go of all of these negative thoughts may help us focus on our current endeavors without a crippling fear of failure.

David Yerle wonders if things may work the other way round, too. Is it possible to reinforce thoughts by placing them somewhere we value? Can we maximize things such as self-confidence? Having your brain in an optimal configuration at all times would be a great asset for success.

David Yerle will keep an eye out for more such developments. Until then, he vows to write every single piece of crippling thought in a piece of paper and throw it in the bin. Whether it works or not, he’ll keep you posted.

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