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This is a blog about doubt and faith. In fact, it is a blog about faith in doubt.

Many different ideas are presented here, but whether I think they are right is irrelevant. I think they are worth discussing and that is why I present them.

You see, I am not writing this blog to unleash my opinions into the world. The world has enough opinions as it is. I am writing this blog to send thoughts into the world, thoughts that will maybe take root in people’s head and spread, expand and be modified. These thoughts are just possibilities, not definite truths. It is because they are just possibilities that they are worth spreading. This blog is about the joy of thinking and challenging your own views. It is not about what people should believe. It is not about how people should think or live their lives. It is a vehicle to create thought, not to determine it.

This doesn’t mean I won’t write as if I believed what I’m saying. Far from it. The only way to take an idea to its final consequences is to act as if you embraced it wholeheartedly. What it means is that I welcome and in fact foster dissent. Dissent is why I write.

That said, a lot of the ideas presented here are related to each other in such a way that understanding may be compromised without a foundation. The articles I link to below are this foundation: they represent my obsessions, which appear recurrently in most of my writings. The fact that they are my obsessions does not mean I believe them to be true: it just means I think about them often and that I would like it if other people did the same.

So, without further ado, here they are:

First, you need to know I believe in the Many-Worlds Interpretation of quantum mechanics.

I am also really obsessed with immortality. I have argued that:

1. Immortality is desirable.

2. Immortality is achievable.

3. You are already immortal, believe it or not. In order to argue that, I use the Many-Worlds Interpretation above.

There’s more, of course. Another recurring theme of mine is happiness. I have written about it in positive terms and in negative terms. It depends on my mood, I guess.

There are some concepts that must be challenged if we are to develop a theory of happiness. A particularly nagging one is personal identity, which I believe to be a fiction.

Along with personal identity, I also believe free will to be illusory. I guess that makes me a skeptic: for example, I don’t discard the possibility that we are living in a simulation.

The future is also a common trend in my blog. In this post, I argue that only nice things are going to happen. Some day I will write a post defending exactly the opposite.

Finally, if there is an article that defines this blog, it’s probably this one. It puts all my obsessions together, hoping to create a world-view. Just like the rest, it is far-fetched and probably wrong.

Just like the rest, it is probably an entertaining read.

11 thoughts on “Read This First

  1. livelysceptic

    If anyone would ask me what ‘David Yerle Writes’ is about, I’d say: the joy of thinking. You said it yourself and I guess you are right. It’s evident in each and every post you write. I wish I could think of an appropriate witticism to finish this off, but nothing springs to mind. So, what I just said must be the plain, honest truth. 🙂

  2. Howard Christian

    I really enjoy being provoked by your articles. I hope one day to experience dissent from one of my visits, but it’s yet to happen. I’ll be sure to let you know when it does.

    1. David Yerle Post author

      Well, first I have to say thank you very much, I am honored.
      That said, I’m afraid I’ll have to decline. First, I don’t think the content of these awards fits with my topics and I doubt such an entry would be of much interest to my readers. My second reason to decline is that I think most of the people I’d nominate would probably pass on this too! In fact, I am pretty certain many of them have already been nominated and declined.
      I do appreciate your nominating me and I’m grateful you thought about my blog for this award. Thank you!

      1. hyperlocalhero

        Thats cool… although its more than just mutual appreciation, l am genuinly interested in finding out whoyou are reading! But cool, loads of my friends seems to decline for exactly the same reasons! I will still enjoy reading your blog! : )

      2. Tongue Sandwich™

        What a coincidence. I’ve also just been nominated and declined, for slightly different reasons, though. From what I gathered, the Liebster is like a “Like.” Just bigger. And it has something in common with these rather annoying chain letters. And, apparently, it’s German.

        1. David Yerle Post author

          I didn’t think about it this way, but I also consider something that shows exponential growth ends up touching almost everyone, so it’s hardly an award in the sense that awards are given to one among many.
          Now that I know the award is German, though, I have much more solid reasons to reject it!


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