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David Yerle Writes about Love

David Yerle writes about love. He is aware that love is a commonly abused subject and is determined to treat in an uncommon, unabusive way.

David Yerle has heard many people say life is about love. What that means is unclear to him, but he assumes it has something to do with love being the most worthy objective. Once one has found love, bliss should follow. That statement can also be interpreted as saying that the purpose of one’s existence is to find love.

David Yerle disagrees with both points. He does concede love is important, even necessary. He himself has been in love several times. He answers possible criticisms about bringing his personal life into this by saying one could hardly give an opinion on football without ever having played a match. He also admits love is extremely pleasurable due to the release of hormones which positively affect brain chemistry. David Yerle does not mean love is made of hormones, since he does not confuse cause and effect. What he states is that hormones produce a pleasant mental state called “love.” The fact that people relentlessly pursue this state is proof that it is pleasant, as one can almost certainly equate pleasantness with being pursued by people. He makes a mental note to write a blog entry on pleasure and pain.

David Yerle does not believe love gives life a purpose or a meaning, because he has serious doubts about the possibility of both. However, love is important as a form of escapism. David Yerle can already hear people in his head screaming against escapism. Many times he has read drugs shouldn’t be used to escape reality. It is easy to apply that same statement to love. But for David Yerle, life is like taking a walk in a field which is being bombarded from the air. There is no way to know where the bombs are going to fall. The explosions are completely random and affect everybody equally. There is no possible protection.

Yerle sees love as walking through that field with someone by your side. Sooner or later, the bombs will fall. Sooner or later, the pain will hit. But, when the time comes, there will be someone holding your hand.