• Why I haven't been writing lately
  • Why Most Bloggers Are Actually Software (Including Me)
  • Why the Many-Worlds Interpretation Makes Time Travel Possible
  • A Physics Challenge: Explain Pauli's Exclusion Principle
  • A crash course on dark matter.
  • Some Useful and Useless Advice on Getting an Audience for your Blog
  • The Phone Zombies
  • Introducing Psychohacking
  • How to spot pseudo-science


  • Some Buddhist humor.
  • The future of porn: a disturbing possibility.
  • The meaning of "existence." Probably not what you expect.
  • How to get thousands of followers on Twitter, Facebook and Wordpress.
  • The science of self-delusion. Yes, you do it too.
  • The philosophy of Lost.

My name is David Yerle and I don’t exist.

Despite that obvious shortcoming, I manage to write quite a bit. I am obsessed with science and what it can tell us about our life’s meaning. I keep an eye on technology in the hope that we may one day use it to abolish pain and death. I often disagree with myself, which makes disagreeing with others much more fun. Oh, and I have written ghost book.

My name is David Yerle and I only have faith in doubt. Stick around and you may start believing too.